Blackout Year Calendar 2012 — Year calendar view with blackout dates, school dates and potential season dates marked on it. 50,000 foot view so to speak

HowTo 1 - updating PayPal button and testing — Video showing how to update the PayPal Reg Fee button and testing.

HowTo 2 - updating online roster spreadsheet — Revised Video showing how to clear dynamic online roster spreadsheet for start of a new season. Note "HowTo 3 updating the static team roster" has already been done but the order makes no difference as the two rosters are not connected.

HowTo 3 - updating static team roster — Video showing how to clear / update static team roster on www site for start of new season

HowTo 4 - updating season info page — Video showing how to update the season info page for the start of a new season

HowTo 5 - posting announcement to www site — Video showing how to post announcement to the www site for new season

HowTo 6 - sending email announcement to Youth list — Video showing how to use MailChimp to send email announcement to youth email list

HowTo 7 - quick fix for errant online reg entries — quick video to show how to delete entries and then fix sheet 2 which published roster to the web.

HowTo 8 Issuing a refund via PayPal — Refund a payment made by a player via PayPal

SBHOCKEY Google Apps Quick Start — How to get going with our Google Apps domain

SB Youth Hockey Google Group - OBSOLETE — Link to archives of Google Group, old email list, for records of previous announcements. Maybe useful for templates.

Season Startup Tasks — Checklist to running a Youth Hockey Season