AAU Rules vs USA Hockey

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Face-off locations- (rule change)

Penalties- Face offs go to the offending team's end zone regardless of which half of the rink the puck is in.

Hand pass- center face-off

Puck knocked down with high stick- no change (offending team’s end zone)

Disallowed goal- center face-off

Puck out of play by player in defending zone- end zone face-off

Puck out of play by player in offensive zone- center face-off.

Major Penalties- (rule change)

5 minute major penalties will no longer carry automatic game misconducts, however a 2nd Major penalty does.

At referees discretion, a game misconduct may be added with any major penalty.

If a major penalty causes an injury, a game misconduct is mandatory.

Match Penalty- (updated definition)

Player Suspended for game

5 minute penalty assessed, must be served by another player

Assessed if a player diligently attempts to or injures an opponent, player, game official, or off rink official.

Misconduct Penalty-(updated definition)

Serves 10 min penalty

No team is short handed during this time, player may return after penalty is over.

Usually assessed for disrupting game and abusing, disrespecting officials

Game Misconduct- (updated definition)

Player removed from game, no team is shorthanded

Player will be suspended for an additional game

Assessed at any time a player deemed detrimental to the game should be removed from arena to preserve safe and fun spirit of game.

Goal keeper- (rule change)

Goal keepers may pass the center line but may not participate in the play. If so a delay of game penalty will be assessed.

Goal Judges- (new game option)

Goal Judges are allowed behind each goal if designated before the game, if there are 1 for each goal, and both team captains agree beforehand.

Elbow penalty-(rule clarification)

Only assessed if the elbow is extended

High stick-(rule clarification)

Is permitted if it is the act of incidental contact in a normal wind up or follow through of a shot.

Is permitted on the face-off if there is incidental contact to a player who is bent over taking the face-off.

Net displacement- (rule clarification)

If the offensive team displaces the net and the defensive team gains possession of the puck, play shall continue until the offending team gains control of the puck.

If the net is fixed before this time or can be fixed without disrupting the game there will be no stoppage of play.

Diving or Embellishment Penalty- (new rule)

A minor penalty shall be imposed on a player who attempts to draw a penalty by his or her action of diving or embellishment, regardless of whether or not a penalty is assessed to his or her opponent

Closing the hand on the puck- (rule update)

If a player catches but does not immediately release the puck to the ground, a minor penalty shall be assessed for delay of game.

Disallowed goals- (rule change)

The (player in the crease) rule that disallows a goal now only applies if the player actually hinders the ability of the goalie to move around in the crease via contact or implied contact. Outside of the crease, incidental contact is legal if the player makes a reasonable effort to avoid it. All intentional or implied contact and contact hindering the goalies ability to move freely in the crease is a minor penalty for goaltender interference.

Penalty Update: (referee reference)

Penalties with intent or overaggressive penalties that previously would have qualified for a double minor to avoid automatic game misconducts will now be penalized by 5 minute major penalties since there is no automatic ejection for major penalties.

Major penalties that result in automatic ejections:


Checking from Behind (head-first into boards or goal frame)






Penalties that are still eligible for Double Minor's:




Any other rule changes are overruled by the adult or youth SBHA supplemental rules.