The Rink at the Earl Warren Showgrounds is not a commercial venture but a non-profit organization operated like a private club. It is a family venue operated on State property. Club Rules have been adopted by the Santa Barbara Roller Hockey Board of Directors to help enhance the experience of all players and maintain neighborly relations with other users of the showgrounds. Regardless of individual or family contribution (cash or in-kind) to the rink project, utilizing this facility is a privilege not a right. Anyone caught violating the Club Rules may have their playing privileges revoked and/or be forbidden from entering the rink compound or participating in its events and activities.

• Players and family members under 18 must remain within the boundaries of the rink compound at all times except when traversing to and from their automobiles or when accompanied by an adult.

• Players must hold a valid, current, AAU Hockey Inline membership.

• Hockey play is limited to the rink surface only.

• Skating is not permitted outside the fenced rink compound.

• Hockey Inline protective equipment is required for all skating.

• Spectators must remain behind the glass or as directed by the official.

• Loitering in the parking area before or after games is prohibited.

• Fighting, excessive foul language or un-sportsmanlike conduct is prohibited.

• Dogs or other animals are not allowed on the rink compound.

• Trespassers on the rink when the facility is closed will be prosecuted.

• Alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto the Showgrounds at any time.

• Determination by the on duty rink Supervisor that these or any rules have been violated is final.

• Drive slowly and cautiously on the Showgrounds. Parking is at your own risk.

Thank you for your cooperation.

SBRH Board of Directors