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Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Information

SBHA is a member of the AAU. All participants in SBHA Leagues - players, coaches, and referees - must have a current AAU Membership or you cannot participate - NO EXCEPTIONS! As of the 9/1/2013, AAU requires and provides free background checks for Adult and Non-Athlete memberships.

  • AAU Hockey Information
  • AAU Website - click "JOIN AAU" to complete membership - SBHA's club code for 9/1/2015 through 8/31/2018 is WWA476
  • !! NOTE TO PARENTS !! - Simply register to create an account for yourself, then register your player(s). Creating an account for you will allow you to easily renew next year, look up registrations, etc. Your child will need an Individual Athlete Membership for Youth Program, Sport Hockey - HO (there is no inline or ice hockey choice - it is just hockey). Use our club code above. When you register your player, he or she will be issued a personal AAU Athlete Membership Number. Please write it down as you will need to enter it in the Youth Online Registration Form. You should be emailed a copy of your child's registration info too. Keep that for future reference.
  • SBHA AAU Membership Listings (folder with pdfs)

Please check for your name, member number and the print date (upper right). If you are not on this list, you are not considered a current member of our club. You cannot participate unless you have registered since the print date! If you have already registered or renewed, make sure you entered our club code. You can update your info and your club code on the AAU site.

All skating players must have an Athlete Membership (your member number ends in "A"). Referee's, Coaches and League Officers must have a Non-Athlete Membership (your member number ends in "N"). If you do both, you need both.