Youth Hockey Schedule Update - in case of rain

Post date: Feb 26, 2014 8:37:35 PM

Please download the latest version of the schedule. I added a second page to show all the possible scenarios if we're rained out Fri/Sat. First choice to make up games is this Sunday, March 2. If it's still raining, we'll move this week's games to next weekend and move the playoffs to Sunday, March 9. As much of a pain as the rain is, we are grateful to get it, so we can't complain. Although if anyone wants to start a fundraiser for a rink cover ...

Also, this leaves picture day still up in the air. Redeye Photography is able to take pictures either on Sunday or during next week's practices. If that doesn't work out, we need coaches and volunteer parents who can take team photos and share with teammates via email or on this website (we have a Smugmug Gallery).

IF it rains on Saturday ... head down to Oxnard to a "Try Ice Hockey for FREE" Day! info and registration here: