Mandatory AAU Membership For Players, Coaches, Officials.

Post date: Aug 28, 2015 5:59:04 AM

SBHA is a member of the AAU, Amateur Athletic Union. All participants in the SBHA Leagues - players, coaches, and referees -must have a current AAU Membership to participate - NO EXCEPTIONS! Memberships must be renewed each year at the end of August, and it's that time. Please renew your AAU memberships.

Starting this Fall 2015 season, the SBHA requires ALL youth hockey coaches to register for a Membership with the AAU as a NON-ATHLETE. The cost is $16.00 for the year, expiring at the end of August. NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, as of the 9/1/2013, the AAU requires and provides free background checks for Adult and Non-Athlete memberships.

In addition, the AAU requires that ALL youth hockey coaches take a free coaching course by the Positive Coaching Alliance as part of AAU Membership. This course series must be completed prior to or during the coaching season. Certificates of course completion will be required by the SBHA from each coach.