SBHA Youth League Supplemental Rules

Revised and Adopted by the SBHA Youth Committee 09/2009

SBHA Youth League is a Recreational Hockey League. We encourage participation by youth of all ages and skill levels in a positive environment where skill development, team work, and sportsmanship are fostered, while maintaining above all, that the children involved in the sport are having fun. We recognize that many families come to us because we are relatively laid back and not high commitment / competition like some other organized youth sports.

League Philosophy for Coaching:

We are about fostering fun, competitive play to our player's ability levels. We are not about creating the next NHL player. All coaches should emphasize having fun. Coaches are required to make every reasonable effort to assure that every member of the team has equal playing time in all games. All coaches are also encouraged to show and teach “Good Sportsmanship” as evidenced by :

  • Exhibiting exemplary behavior towards all players, fellow coaches, parents and referees.
  • Not ‘running up’ the score if not needed.
  • Not denying any player a chance to play every position, including the goalie position.
  • Not allowing any player to taunt the opposing team’s players.
  • Not allowing swearing or foul language at any time, practices or games.
  • Not allowing players to argue with the referees at any time.

Official Games:

Games comprise of three 15-minute periods played within a one-hour time slot. Teams must be ready and on the rink by the game start time. Game start delays may result in shorter periods to assure rink is vacated in time for the start of subsequent games The forfeit rule applies five minutes after starting time. Note: starting time is when the referee is ready for the opening faceoff.

Division Managers:

Each Division will have a Division Manager whose job it is to ensure that the Division runs smoothly throughout the season. Ideally the DM is not also a head coach in the same division to avoid conflicts of interest. Specifically the DM should, in concert with the Coaches,

  • Organize Coaches
  • Participate in the Draft / Evaluation Day to ensure that fair and balanced teams are drafted
  • Determine Division Goalie Policy
  • Resolve conflicts within the Division
  • Track team rosters and standings with the Division


  • All head coaches must be 18 years or older.
  • Assistant coaches may be of any age, but if the assistant coach is a minor, he or she must wear a helmet while on the rink floor during practice.
  • You must have at least one, but no more than three coaches in the team box during game time.
  • Coaches are responsible for the scorekeeper to have the correct roster with names and player numbers to assure correct statistics and scorekeeping.
  • Coaches are responsible for having their team clean up after themselves in the player box (water bottles) and the player dressing areas (snack, drinks, etc.)
  • USA Hockey Inline Coach Membership / Insurance is required for all coaches.


  • Age of a player for division placement is based on USA Hockey Inline Rules.
  • Girls are allowed one year of additional eligibility for each age division.
  • A player may be allowed to skate up or down an age division based on relative skill level subject to approval by parents, coaches and ultimately the affected Division Managers.
  • We reserve the right to move a player to another division based on that player's ability.
  • Team rosters may be changed during the season to ensure parity in the league.
  • A player with 3 penalties will be ejected from the game. Two consecutive games with 3 penalties, or any intentional contact with a referee, will result in a suspension of at least one game, and possibly the balance of the season.
  • USA Hockey Inline Player Membership / Insurance is required for all players
  • All players are required to have the following equipment mandatory equipment: Helmet with facemask, knee/shin pads, elbow pads, gloves, skates, mouth piece, protective cup, hip pads, and hockey stick. Upper Body / Chest Protection highly recommended.


  • At the start of the season each Division is to agree on how the Goalie position will be handled within the Division. All are required to comply with the agreement.
  • Goalie Rotation - Every player on a team must play at least one game in the goalie position for a regular season division game, assuming there are a suffcient number of games to do so.
  • Goalie Substitution – To be permitted in regular season play? Should this be permitted, remember substitutions of any kind are prohibited in playoffs. And all regular season substitutions are subject to approval by the opposing coach and referee.
  • Goalie Pool – A pool of goalies is created who then rotate through team / game assignments throughout the season. During playoffs teams may be assigned goalies for the playoff series.
  • Dedicated Goalie – Team assigns Goalie position to one or two players.

3 Goal Rule:

Players can score a maximum of 3 goals per regulation game. This rule is waived during an overtime PLAYOFF period. Coaches are encouraged to have their goalie play the puck on ALL shot attempts. Players may be assessed a penalty for delay of game penalty or unsportsmanlike conduct.


During the regular season only, substitutions may be allowed under the following conditions:

  • Both coaches must agree with any substitution and who those substitute player(s) are. All substitutions must be agreed on by both coaches and the referee prior to game starting time.
  • There must be a minimum of three players and no more than 6 from the regular team roster (including the goalie), suited and ready to play.
  • Substitutions can only come from the same age division or from the division under.
  • The use of a substitute cannot bring team strength to more than 7 players including the goalie.
  • The substitutes cannot exclude a regular team player from playing.
  • No substitution of any kind in any play-off games.

Playing Short-handed:

Should a team not be at full strength (4 skaters plus a goalie) at the game starting time, the coaches may elect to play a reduced roster under the following circumstances and conditions:

  • The team must have at least four players on the rink; it may or may not include the goalie at the start of the game.
  • If both coaches agree, both teams MAY play short-handed.
  • If the original short-handed team has any regular roster players arrive late, that player may enter the game at the next stoppage of play. Both referee and opposing coach must be notified that the team will now be playing at “full strength”.

Forfeit Rule:

If both teams do not agree to play with substitutes, or do not agree to play by the ‘Short-handed’ rule, and one of the teams does not have four players on the rink ready to play by five minutes after the starting time, the team must forfeit the game. Note: starting time is when the referee is ready for the opening faceoff.

Mercy Game Rule:

Should one team lead with the difference of eight goals in any game; the referee shall declare the game over. The game will count as a completed game and all personal and team statistics shall stand. Both teams may agree to continue playing for the remainder of the regulation game time, however no additional scoring will be posted.

Tie Games:

  • Regular season games that end in a tie are recorded as a tie. NO overtime during the regular season.
  • PLAYOFF GAMES that are tied after regulation time will have a 5 minute overtime period to determine the winner – team that scores the first goal wins. If no one scores in that period, additional 5 minute periods will be played until a winner is determined. Penalties will carry over from regulation time. The 3 goal rule is waived during a playoff overtime period.


Only a referee can stop a game that is in progress for weather-related reasons. If a game has two completed periods, the game will count as a complete game and all personal and team statistics shall stand. If two periods of the game have not been completed, the game will not count and will be rescheduled.

A game that is cancelled or not-completed due to weather-related issues should be rescheduled into a team practice slot. If there are open time slots on the rink calendar, they may be available, but need to be ccordinated with the Youth Schedule Coordinator. Coaches of the affected games are responsible for contacting the Refs for the game to see if they are available, copying or advising the Youth Referee Coordinator on all communications.


  • Points are awarded as follows: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.
  • For playoff seedings, tie breakers are: 1) # of wins 2) head to head, 3) least number of goals allowed
  • Safety should be stressed at all times. It is recommended that coaches inspect the player’s gear before and during the season to assure that the player has the correct equipment and it is in good working order.
  • SHBA Youth League reserves the right to enforce or alter rulings to provide parity and growth to the participation of roller hockey.