Adult Intermediate - Over 40 - Advanced - THURSDAYS


 Spring League Starts Soon!

Player Substitution Rules:
1. Subs will only be allowed if a team has 5 or less skaters.
2. Subs may only be players already playing in the league. No subs can be brought in from other leagues. 
3. All subs if used, will need to be given the OK from the opposite teams Captain, the refs, as well as League Rep and/or Rink Manager. 

Congratulations to the MOPS on winning the Winter 2015 Championship!

BLUE Canes Book Hockey   Mops  
Kevin Hough (C) Andrew Trent David Robin Zach Barrett (i)
Max Geyling Kees Fedyk Seth RobinDavid Van Tuyi
Zach Hislop Hans Fedyk Adam Schaefer  Richie Sharp
Max Youngston James Buck TJ Reed Sam Owens
Cameron Baron Jean Tsai Peter Dallow Keen Powdrell
Garrett Hart
Jackson McLaughlin
Kyle Evans
James Chrzanowski
Alan Blaver
James Tracy
Kevin Galanis
Matt Smith 
Grant Borek
Sam Carrol
Tim Hoyt

Jesse Wells 




Amado Sr