>>> It's time for our annual SB Fair and Expo Ticket Taking Fundraiser! <<<

This is *YOUR* chance to support our rink just by showing up for a 3 hour shift and taking tickets at the Fair. This is as easy as it gets, and generally pretty fun too. 


from Wednesday April 24th to Sunday April 28th

Taking tickets at the fair gates in Earl Warren Showgrounds

This is a really important fundraiser for us. It makes it possible for us to fund improvements to our rink like benches, repaint rink striping, buy new sheds, goalie equipment, and keep our skating fees as low as possible. So please help out with any free time you can give us. We NEED your help. 

And it's a great way for High Schoolers 15 years and older to get Community Service Time - you know you need that, right?

Shifts are only 3 hours long. The tasks are incredibly simple - tearing up tickets and clicking counters. You run into lots of old friends. There are 3 people to a gate so we can schedule you with friends or teammates and afterwards you can head over to Harry's or go into the Fair - yep you also get free entry into the Fair... Great Deal.  
Please spread the word to your family and friends... or anyone else you think that would be interested in helping out or needs the community service time.
Your Next Step ...

So before we grab you at the rink to signup for a slot, take a look at the open shifts at the online schedule below pick the shift you want and send a quick email to the Day Captain of the shift you want to work, or to YouthHockey@SBhockey.com   and we'll get you signed up! You can scroll around the sheet using the bottom and right side sliders. 

TicketTakersSchedule 2013