(ISPE) Independent Study Physical Education Information 


Independent PE is an option for high school students who want PE credit for playing hockey in high school. Please review the information here if you High School Student wishes to participate in ISPE. (Student players do not letter in the sport, although they can note participation on their college applications.)

  • Exercise logs are your student's responsibility. Coach Zach and SBHA are not responsible or aware of any information regarding exercise logs!
  • Do NOT sign up for ISPE if you are not a self-directed, motivated, organized student or parent! 
  • If your child plays a fall sport in HS (football, soccer), DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ISPE!!!
  • If your child plays a spring sport (lacrosse, track), do not sign up for ISPE in spring semester (or if at SMHS, no need to do ISPE AT ALL unless you really want to do a ton of paperwork just to get PE credit!)
  • You MUST tell Joan@SBHockey.com that you were accepted to ISPE or if you drop out for another sport (the schools do NOT inform us, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for telling SBHA)!
  • All directions are in the packet. Please review them carefully. All SBHA's stuff is pre-filled out for you.
  • Current 8th-11th grade students only.
  • 7.5 hours of exercise REQUIRED every week (does not have to be hockey) - although between the JV/Varsity, Midget Youth League, Int/Advanced/Coed leagues, there are opportunities to earn more than 7 hours on the ice each week at SBHA.
  • non-hockey activities are considered cross-training or off-ice training (running, gym, biking, CrossFit, yoga, boxing, etc.)
  • logs must be turned in to the DP, SM, or SB's Athletics departments weekly or you get an F. This is entirely self-directed. 
  • Zach and I do NOT monitor weekly activity logs - PARENTS & STUDENTS are 100% responsible for exercise logs
  • Your child's AAU Registration (current year is ok)
  • A doctor's physical is required. I'm including the link here: Athletic Participation Doctor Signature Required FormUsually schools will accept your paperwork and note the application is pending until they receive the doctor's release. This is the same release you need for any HS sport. You can complete it over summer (but make the appt. with your pediatrician NOW - appt. slots fill up quickly at pediatrician offices, as you know!). Turn in the doctor's note to the Athletics Dept. asap before school starts - early August is fine.
  • Inform Joan Vignocchi if you got accepted by your school if you want your student to get a grade. The schools do not tell us who they accept or who they drop for other sports so your child will get an F if you don't communicate! (You know if you got in because on the schedule your child gets on the first day of school, it shows ISPE as a ZERO PERIOD CLASS.)
  • Schools prefer your child leaves school early or does homework at the library for a free period - You can NOT sign up for an elective.
  • DP: Zach turns in grades 2x/year. Students responsible for weekly logs AND an essay mid-January and end of school year (mid-May) outlining goals, etc. AD: Dan Feldhaus
  • SMHS: Joan turns in grades 8x/year (4/semester); students responsible for turning in logs every week or 2. AD: Abe Jahadmy
  • SBHS: Joan turns in grades 4x/year; students responsible for turning in logs WEEKLY, no exceptions. AD: Joe Chenoweth
DEADLINE to turn in to your school's Athletic Director is Friday, May 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have any further questions, please contact joan@sbhockey.com.

Testimonial from one mom, "This was the best thing for my son. It enabled him to continue with hockey, improve his skills, and have a free period every day to complete his homework."
Testimonial from Joan, "This was an amazing benefit to not just my son, but to our entire family. Took so much pressure off."
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