## Kings Game Road Trip - Sat November 29, 2014 - 7:30pm Kings vs Black Hawks !! ##

We are going to the Sat Nov 29 7:30pm game where the LA Kings take on the Chicago Blackhawks at Staples Center. And kids going to the game will get to Hi-5 the Kings in the tunnel as they exit the locker room before the game too!

Those of you who have skated with us awhile know that we have a great relationship with the LA Kings supporting our Youth League. And there is hardly a better game to watch then the Kings and Hawks going at it! Western Conference Playoff action every time! Ok, well maybe the Sharks getting ginsu'ed into sushi is close. 

Each 200 Level ticket is $102 each and there is no limit on how many you can buy. The seats are in section 215 row 10, 11 and 217 row 10. We don't know the precise grouping of the seats, though they are in strings of 10 to 15 together. We will do our best to get your seats together, but we cannot guarantee they will all be together. There are always friends to sit with, and it always works out.  No bus this time, but it's usually not hard to find someone to carpool with if you just ask around at youth league games. 

If you have any questions, Geoff Hough is the man to ask - drop him a note at geoff@sbhockey.com . 

So, get clicking on the button below and order up your tickets! Once you add the ticket to your cart, you will be taken to PayPal where you can adjust the quantity you want to purchase, and pay. Please include a phone number to contact you in the Special Instructions area when you check out - yes we do ask for it there as a reminder :)

You will get a confirmation email from PayPal and further communications from Geoff on how to get your tickets for the game!